Helping Hauliers Reduce Emissions

Helping Hauliers Reduce Emissions

Millers Oils continues to support its customers in the haulage industry with its range of Eclipse fuel treatments, designed to reduce emissions and improve performance.

Based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, Millers Oils is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. As a blender of oils and fuel treatments, the company offers a comprehensive product portfolio for commercial vehicles, as well as a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. Martyn Mann, Millers Oils Technical Director and former President of the UK Lubricants Association, explained, “At Millers Oils we work tirelessly with our customers to tackle the challenges of the modern haulage industry, developing products that meet the latest legislation and specifications without compromising on performance.

“Eclipse diesel treatment is a great example of a product that delivers value for hauliers, whilst aiding compliance with the ever more stringent environmental legislation.”

Earlier this year, the Government announced a crackdown on emissions, where any hauliers caught using emissions cheat devices will face fixed penalty fines, with portable emissions testing also to be carried out on the roadside.

Eclipse diesel treatment is said to address the root cause of many emissions and engine inefficiencies, as Martyn continued, “The treatment works primarily by cleaning and protecting the injectors. If the injectors are blocked or dirty, you don’t get the right mix of air and fuel inside the engine, so no matter what the quality of the diesel, the MPG of the vehicle will decrease, and the amount of harmful emissions, such as carbon monoxide and NOX, will increase.

To add to the benefits of Eclipse to fleet operators, Millers Oils can demonstrate that there are also fuel savings to be made. In a recent case study, a leading UK haulage company saw a reduction in fuel consumption of 6.1%, which translated to a saving of 18,000L of fuel per year and a CO2 reduction of 48T per year across its fleet of 20 vehicles.

Other products in the range include Eclipse Shock Dose and Eclipse Powercide Plus, for eradication and prevention of bacterial and fungal contamination, commonly associated with biodiesel. Eclipse is available in IBC, 205L, 25L, 5L and 1L packs.

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