HMG expands tint portfolio

HMG expands tint portfolio

Coatings specialist HMG is expanding its portfolio with the launch of KROSS Tints, a range of short oil alkyd solutions for industrial coatings, providing colorants that are perfect for use in applications such as synthetic alkyds, DTMs, primer finishes and QAD products.

The system consists of 17 colourants that can be used to create a myriad of colours.

HMG is launching the KROSS Tint range with over 37,000 colour formulations available immediately. All of the colours are available via HMG’s proprietary ColourBase tinting software which is compatible with both manual and automated tinting schemes.

HMG expands its tint portfolio

KROSS Tints are also supported by HMG’s ColourBase Colour Box. The Colour Box contains 2400 colour chips, displayed in chromatic order within 20 fan decks. Each of the 2400 colours are obtained from a number of popular colour systems, including RAL, British Standard, commercial vehicle fleet colours, agricultural, Afnor and more. Additionally, the box contains colours with chromatic continuity to ensure that paint shops can find the perfect colour for every customer.

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