Hofmann launches AC recovery system

Hofmann launches AC recovery system

Ideal for the customer who wants to simply connect and walk away, the megacool 320 from Hofmann Megaplan is a fully-automatic vehicle air-conditioning recovery system for light and heavy commercial vehicles and available in R134a and R1234yf gas.

Main features include automatic oil and dye injection, an integral printer and Bluetooth connectivity so the megacool 320 can be operated remotely by tablet or PC.

The machine has a ‘full recovery function’ that performs multiple checks and additional recovery cycles to ensure maximum gas recovery from the AC system and a flushing system that purges the machine of oil, so it can be used on either hybrid or electric vehicles.

It is also equipped with dual temperature sensors to perform a fast and accurate diagnostic performance test of the AC system and dual pressure gauges that release non-condensable gasses accurately for optimum efficiency.

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