How to reduce operational costs for fleets

How to reduce operational costs for fleets

As featured briefly in last month’s issue of CVW, Bridgestone has unveiled a new range of tyres that promise good things for fleet managers.

Bridgestone believes that its latest Ecopia Enliten tyre line-up marks a major step forward in sustainable fleet management. The range comprises an advanced long-haul tyre line-up designed to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce operational costs for fleets.

Waqqas Ahmad, commercial sales director at Bridgestone EMIA, stressed that the Ecopia Enliten range is engineered to address the rising operational costs due to increased fuel prices. “We’re launching what we believe is the new best choice in the premium segment for long-haulage,” he said.

The line-up not only focuses on cost reduction but also supports fleet sustainability efforts. According to Ahmad, an average European long-haul fleet using these tyres could reduce CO2 emissions by 192 tonnes per year.

How to reduce operational costs for fleets

Bridgestone points out that more than half Europe’s freight is carried on roads, and nearly 40% of that has to cross borders. The long-haul transport industry not only has to cope with this high demand but must also adapt to economic pressures for great cost efficiency coupled with stricter emissions regulations.

The company says that this range is its first truck tyre to be created using its Enliten combination of technologies. These include low energy pattern designs and high-performance compounds focused on fuel efficiency. Another innovation is that the low profile Ecopia Steer Enliten tyres incorporate a new spiral belt construction that increases cornering power and optimises pressure distribution to improve wear life.

Longer lasting

According to Bridgestone, this gives this range of tyres an improved performance compared to previous models. The range has an EU label A-grade in rolling resistance, while internal tests show that it has a 12% rolling resistance reduction in the drive axle and an 8% reduction in the steer axle compared to its previous generation.

These tyres also last longer, the company says, with 40% higher mileage in the steer axle – without compromising on regular wear – and up to 6% higher mileage in the drive axle.

The Ecopia Enliten range is suitable for all-season long haulage, with an EU label B-grade in wet grip and the 3PMSF marking. It is also eminently sustainable, as the tyre is engineered with a robust casing for greater retreadability.

How to reduce operational costs for fleets

All the tyres in the range are equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID), ready for integration with tyre-mounted sensors, and suitable for electric vehicles. The tyres are initially available in size 315/70 R22.5, with four additional sizes to be added throughout 2024 and one further size in 2025.

In addition to the tyre technology, Bridgestone is offering the Ecopia Steer Enliten and Ecopia Drive Enliten tyres as part of Bridgestone Fleetcare, a suite of solutions that combines products, data, and services to enhance fleet operations. The Ecopia Trailer Enliten will be available from late 2024 to complete the range, with new sizes being added throughout 2024 and 2025.

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