Impact driver

Impact driver

Laser tools has released a new impact driver with a flexi-head handle, to reduce the risk to your hand.

For a seized fastener, the traditional remedy has been the impact driver, which comes with its own set of risks. Laser Tools claims that there is no longer any need to worry with its new impact driver. The addition of a flexi-head handle lets you keep your hand out of harm’s way, while adding extra leverage to the action of the impact driver.

This 4-piece 3/8″-drive tool is designed for removing seized, corroded and overtightened fasteners. Its handle gives you more control, allowing you to line up the tool precisely — a sharp, careful tap with the hammer and the screw is released. The kit also comes with an air-hammer adaptor and flexi-head handle, which will allow you to remove stubborn bolts and fasteners.

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