Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench from Ingersoll Rand.

Ingersoll Rand has introduced the W7152, a new 1⁄2” impact wrench as the latest addition to its IQV20 series of power tools. The Ingersoll Rand IQV20 series W7152 1⁄2” impact wrench delivers 2,040Nm of torque and 1,360Nm of max reverse torque. The W7152 is a compact 207mm long from tip to tail, with a 360° shadowless task light to provide increased visibility in hard-to-reach spaces.

The IQV power control system has a compact brushless motor that transfers energy efficiently, delivering accurate torque for repair and maintenance applications, including work on transmissions, suspensions, sub-frame bolts, transmission pans, struts, and more.

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