Jefferson Tools shares cost-effective equipment

Jefferson Tools shares cost-effective equipment

Darren Binns from Jefferson Tools looks at how you can kit out your workshop with essential quality equipment – without breaking the bank!

As any professional will know, running a successful commercial vehicle workshop requires the right tools to ensure efficiency, productivity and quality workmanship. Kitting out your workshop can come at a high price – but remember, you always can find premium-quality tools for a great price. That’s where brands like Jefferson Tools can help, with a range of cost-effective equipment that doesn’t scrimp on quality but allows you to fully equip your workshop without breaking the bank. So, from great looking tool chests to everyday torque wrenches and automotive-specific hand tools, here are six essential tools that every commercial vehicle technician should consider a staple for their workshop:

Jefferson Tools shares cost-effective equipment

1. Torque wrenches

Let’s start with the basics. These are the indispensable tools in any vehicle workshop, ensuring accurate tightening of bolts and nuts to specific torque specifications. Take the ½ in square drive calibrated micrometer torque wrench as an example. This is a precision tool for tightening nuts and bolts, designed for applications where a specific or accurate torque is required. Constructed from durable carbon steel shaft with a knurled adjustment handle, it has a locking ring and reversible ratchet head for precise torque settings between 42-210Nm and offers flexible tightening power and control.

Jefferson Tools shares cost-effective equipment

2. Tool sets and chests

Efficiency is crucial in a busy workshop, and tool sets and chests not only look cool, but they also provide the perfect solution to keep your tools in order and easily accessible. Tool sets come complete with a wide array of essentials, including sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers and more. The Jefferson Tools’ mechanics tool set, for instance, is neatly packed with 85 pieces of essential equipment. Designed with durability in mind, the tool chests offer secure storage and transportation of your tools, while looking sleek and professional at the same time. For instance, check out the 7+3 drawer professional tool chest, as it features no less than 173 tools and accessories.

3. Pliers

Pliers are a staple in any mechanic’s toolbox, used for gripping, twisting and cutting various materials. Crafted from durable materials and featuring ergonomic designs, tools such as circlip, combination, long nose, diagonal cutters and water pump pliers provide excellent grip and leverage, making them indispensable in a commercial vehicle workshop. When you’re working in hard-to- reach places like engines, consider a long reach pliers set that makes life just that little bit easier. If you are working on electric vehicles look for the VDE insulated tools, essential for health and safety.

4. Jacks

Jacks play a critical role in commercial vehicle workshops, allowing for efficient and safe lifting of heavy loads. Selecting robust and reliable jacks designed to withstand the demanding workshop conditions is essential for seamless operations. Among the top choices is Jefferson Tools’ Tundra 600kg telescopic hydraulic transmission jack, featuring heavy-duty construction for long-lasting durability, making it ideal for general workshop applications. The two-way hydraulic unit guarantees controlled speed when lowering the saddle, even without a load, ensuring utmost safety. Moreover, the spring-loaded dead man’s safety release control minimises the risk of accidental lowering. Jefferson Tools’ specialised jacks provide a cost-effective yet highly capable alternative to more expensive options, delivering the necessary strength and reliability to handle heavy-duty lifting tasks with ease.

5. Mechanics’ chairs

Spending long hours working underneath or next to vehicles can take a toll on vehicle technicians’ bodies. Comfortable and adjustable mechanics’ chairs will provide much-needed support and mobility. With features like padded seats, backrests, and swivel casters, so you can manoeuvre easily, these chairs promote better posture and reduce fatigue, ultimately enhancing productivity and work satisfaction.

6. Compressors

A reliable air supply is equally critical for pneumatic tools and equipment in a workshop setting. Jefferson Tools offers dependable compressors designed to deliver consistent air pressure, catering to various pneumatic applications. The Jefferson Tools’ 200-Litre 3hp 10-bar compressor, for instance, is fitted with a heavy-duty single-phase 3hp motor and comes complete with a pressure regulator with a moisture trap. It also has large and solid wheels for ease of mobility. This compressor boasts robust construction and impressive performance, ensuring an uninterrupted workflow for completing tasks efficiently. With a continuous and stable air supply, workers can rely on these compressors to power their pneumatic tools, making them indispensable assets in any commercial vehicle workshop.

So, whether you’re starting a new workshop or upgrading your existing one, look out for high quality, reliable and cost-effective equipment – you’ll keep the quality but get a lot more for your money.

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