JLM Lubricants launches HD DPF Cleaner

JLM Lubricants launches HD DPF Cleaner

JLM Lubricants has launched a dedicated DPF cleaner for heavy duty vehicles. With exactly the same safe formula found in the original formula for cars and light vans it is supplied in a 1 litre tin which will treat up to 170 litres of diesel.

The product is designed for use with heavy duty vehicles such as HGVs, buses, heavy plant, agricultural vehicles where the exhaust system incorporates a DPF unit.

For a fleet manager the cost savings are said to be astonishing. Darren Darling, The DPF Doctor, said: “To clean a DPF costs £500 but take into account three days of vehicle downtime at £1,000 per day, and that rises to £3,500. A replacement DPF for an HGV is in the region of £5,000. So it makes absolute sense to use the JLM HD DPF cleaner to keep the DPF in tip top condition avoiding unnecessary expense and downtime.”

Gilbert Groot, Founder and Managing Director of JLM Lubricants said: “The HD DPF Cleaner is perfect for the truck sector. The advanced chemical formulation keeps trucks moving using a very efficient catalyst to clear soot without the risk of excess ash or damaging the DPF. Plus the formula conditions the exhaust system to reduce new soot build up.”


Post source : Kalimex

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