Kalimex addresses emissions reduction

Kalimex addresses emissions reduction

It is often said that prevention is better than cure. Kalimex, distributor of JLM Lubricants, explains why this approach is crucial to reduce emissions.

With online sales rising and customers “wanting it now” thanks to the now customary next-day deliveries, LCVs are the indisputable backbone of the UK’s delivery service. Every minute an LCV is out of action means lost income, downtime, and major inconvenience for both the driver and the fleet operator. Having a clear strategy on how to prevent problems through routine maintenance, combined with handling failures quickly and cost effectively, is crucial to making any LCV service operation a success.

There are many solutions available for DPF maintenance and repair, from the downright bizarre, such as using cola to dissolve soot (a myth), to investing in complex cleaning machines (expensive). JLM Lubricants offers a range of highly effective and economical chemical solutions that help achieve workshop targets by keeping LCVs on the road and in good repair.

Kalimex explores emission reduction

JLM has three stages of remedies, depending on when you are able to catch the problem:

Stage 1: Prevention

Avoiding vehicle downtime is the best solution. A single dose of the JLM Diesel Catalytic Exhaust Cleaner will clean injectors, prevent needles from seizing, reduce corrosion and wear, and lubricate the fuel pump. The formula includes a shot of a DPF regeneration booster to help reduce carbon build up in the filter, and this all combines to protect the catalytic converter. Using the JLM Catalytic Exhaust Cleaner on a regular basis – especially prior to MOT – will help prevent costly vehicle downtime.

Stage 2: Early Action

If the DPF warning light is illuminated, it’s time for a more robust approach. The JLM DPF Cleaner contains platinum and cerium which helps burn soot at a lower temperature, and this protects the DPF and restores performance of the filter to normal. Ignoring the warning light will lead to more serious and expensive problems.

Kalimex explores emission reduction

Stage 3: Last Resort

When a DPF becomes seriously blocked, the engine goes into limp mode, and the DPF needs an intensive clean. With the JLM DPF Clean and Flush Toolkit you can quickly (under 90 minutes) and safely clean a blocked DPF without having to remove it from the vehicle. The process restores the DPF to virtually original performance and allows you to get the vehicle back on the road with minimum downtime. This toolkit was tested extensively by The DPF Doctor Network founder, Darren Darling, before launch.

To see the full range of JLM Lubricants products available from Kalimex, click here.

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