Keeping it in the Kärcher Family
Keeping it in the Kärcher Family

Keeping it in the Kärcher Family

Mark Whaley was the lucky recipient of a Kärcher Hot Water Pressure Washer, after winning September’s competition in CVW. Here, we catch up with him to see how he has got on with his prize.

As it turned out, Mark Whaley already had cause to call on Kärcher for the heavy duty cleaning needs of his family haulage business, Peter Whaley Haulage. The 50 year old family firm in Bedale, North Yorkshire, which supports the local movement of aggregate and building supplies, is already the owner of a Kärcher HDS 7/10-4 M Medium Class hot water pressure washer with the machine being put through its paces on a daily basis washing vehicles and plant in their yard.

Now, thanks to CVW and Kärcher, the machine has a younger brother, the smaller HDS 6/12 C Compact Class hot water pressure washer, to help around the site; in particular with Mark’s most frustrating task of keeping the chassis of the tipper truck clean, using the steam function (up to 155°C).

Easy to set-up

Speaking about his competition win, Mark said he was: “Over the moon; it’s the first prize I’ve ever won – and it’s such a great product too. The HDS 6/12 C is state-of-the-art, compact, easy to set-up, intuitive to operate and cheap to run. This is particularly true when using the eco!efficiency setting, which reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 20% – making it ideal for demanding mobile applications and with other automotive tasks.”

Unlike the original machine, the HDS 6/12 C features Kärcher’s new EASY!Force trigger gun. EASY!Force has revolutionised the user experience by changing how the trigger is activated. Now located at the rear of the gun, it is the recoil force of the water jet which pushes the trigger into the handle – either with the ball of the operator’s hand or their palm. It means you no longer need to press the trigger gun with your fingers, something which requires a high pulling force and can quickly cause finger fatigue. This new solution aids comfort and effectiveness delivering greater control of the spray lance and preventing work interruptions through hand cramps.

Kärcher’s local Area Sales Manager, Andy MacGregor, delivered the prize: “You never know with machine donations where the machine will end up – it’s been great to see this prize going where it’ll make a real and lasting difference to everyday cleaning activities, freeing Mark and his family to spend time on more business critical tasks.”


The new machine uses the latest accessories protocol – EASY!Lock. During extensive user surveys Kärcher says it found that the operating experience was often hampered by extensive set-up times and time-consuming attachment changeovers. As a result, the company has redesigned the connections from the trigger gun to the lance and high-pressure hose. An ‘EASY!Lock’ quadruple trapezoid thread allows a tight and dependable connection with only a single turn (360°), providing the reliability of a screw thread with the convenience of quick change. Adaptors are available which allow users to upgrade their existing Kärcher pressure washers by connecting the EASY!Force trigger gun to their current machines.

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