Labcraft grows its Banksman light range

Labcraft grows its Banksman light range

Labcraft, designers and manufacturers of LED lighting for commercial vehicles, has introduced two new versions of its Banksman light which will bring safer manoeuvring to a wider range of vehicle fleets.

To accommodate a wider range of vehicle specifications and industry sectors, Labcraft is highlighting the operational and safety benefits of its R23 ‐ regulation, BM4 and BM6 variations.

Banksman R23, the world’s first regulation 23‐compliant manoeuvring lamp and first to be introduced in Europe, is designed to increase employee safety while reducing vehicle accidents. It delivers additional bright light around the vehicle, helping the drivers to manoeuvre more easily and with confidence in large and narrow spaces.

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Mounted at various points on the underside of the chassis, Banksman delivers bright, white light around the vehicle to areas which conventional reversing lights cannot reach. It is suitable for any vehicle required to work in areas of darkness or poor light and simple to install ‐ either to pre‐registered vehicles, as ‘standard’, or for retrofitting to an existing fleet.

For vehicle chassis unsuitable for the BM3, where no horizontal surfaces are accessible or fitting space is restricted, the Banksman BM4 is designed to fit vertically, thereby offering a wider range of mounting options to operators of more specialist equipment, such as for construction, plant, storage and handling. Meanwhile, the Banksman BM6 is designed to provide a slightly less intense output, making it perfect for more dense and populated areas. All Banksman lights are rugged, fully waterproof and come with a five‐year warranty.

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