Labcraft produces safety light for lifting decks

Labcraft produces safety light for lifting decks

Labcraft, designers and manufacturers of LED lighting for commercial vehicles, has responded to calls from transport operators to produce a safety light which guards against potential incidents during the use of lifting decks in trailers.

Mounted at the trailer rear on the inside wall, the new SAFE Status dual colour safety lamp displays a red warning light when the trailer deck is moving. Only when the lifting deck is locked into place and the trailer is safe to enter, will the light turn green.

The slimline SAFE Status lamp is easily surface mounted inside the trailer frame and connects to the existing circuitry for the lifting deck controls. It is constructed from solid aluminium with a tough polycarbonate lens protecting the high efficacy green and red LEDs.

Waterproof to IP67 and ECE-R10 approved, the new lamp produces a strong and intense light. The LEDs, as with all Labcraft lights, run at a low temperature to maximise product life.

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