Laser Tools develops high pressure brake bleeder

Laser Tools develops high pressure brake bleeder

A new high pressure brake bleeder from Laser Tools (part number 8395) has been developed.

This development has happened in response to some manufacturers specifying bleeders that can operate at a higher pressure than required with conventional systems. The new bleeder can also be adjusted for lower pressure applications when required.

The 12V powered bleeder has an adjustable fluid pressure output from zero to 3.5 bar (50psi) and is powered from the vehicle battery via the 12V auxiliary socket or a suitable 12V power source. For maximum portability, the unit has been designed to be used with a 5-litre brake fluid container which is also included. It also features a durable, brake fluid safe paint finish with clearly marked switches and dial. Safe for use with DOT 3, 4, 4+ and DOT 5.1 brake fluids, the unit shuts off automatically when empty.

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