Laser Tools reveals new threaded rod wrench

Laser Tools reveals new threaded rod wrench

If you need to securely grasp and turn threaded bars, studs, or hex nuts with a diameter of up to 10mm, then reach for the new threaded rod wrench from Laser Tools (part number 8704).

This versatile tool is specifically engineered for a range of applications, including cylinder head and manifold studs. It boasts a swivel handle with a knurled grip, which helps if access is limited, and can be fitted with a tether or lanyard when working at elevated heights.

Compact and portable, making it easy to carry, its open design allows usage at any position along the rod. Just clip over the rod or stud and grip. The swivel handle opens to a full 90° for enhanced manoeuvrability. If working at elevated heights, the handle can be fitted with a safety lanyard — Laser part number 6876 is a recommended example.

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