Laser Tools reveals set of longnose pliers

Laser Tools reveals set of longnose pliers

Grip, crimp, strip insulation and cut wires — all these functions are part of this new fully-insulated set of longnose pliers from Laser Tools (part number 8423).

VDE-marked and manufactured to IEC 60900 standards for 1000vAC / 1500vDC live working, these pliers are part of Laser’s extensive range of insulated tools and workshop safety equipment designed for use on hybrid and electric vehicles.

These really are useful and versatile pliers: the long-nose jaws open to 95mm and the VDE insulated handles are equipped with slip guards. They are tough and robust, with strong plier body hardness of 42-48 HRC (Hardness on Rockwell scale C) and even harder cutting edges of 58-62 HRC for a long service life. Use them as crimping pliers for insulated and non-insulated crimp terminals and strip the insulation off 1.5 and 2.5mm wires. With generous wire-cutting jaws, the pliers are comfortable to handle.

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