Laser Tools launches adjustable hub puller

Laser Tools launches adjustable hub puller

Remove HGV wheel hubs in a controlled way by using this heavy-duty adjustable hub puller, say Laser Tools.

The hub puller (part number 8498) comes with six pairs of wheel stud adaptors and features an adjustment range (between wheel bolts) of 110mm to 448mm PCD (pitch circle diameter).

Laser Tools showcases adjustable hub puller

Stud thread adaptors included: M18 x 1.5mm, M20 x 1.5mm, M22 x 1.5mm, M24 x 1.5mm, M30 x 1.5mm, 7/8″ BSF/W. Supplied with three axle pressure plates (90mm Ø, 95mm Ø and 110mm), this tool will handle all major makes of truck, including Fuso, Hino, MAN, DAF, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Scania, Sauer and Volvo.

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