Laser Tools unveils telescopic drive wrench

Laser Tools unveils telescopic drive wrench

Laser Tools has a great new addition to your toolbox!

A telescopic 1/2″ drive wrench wrench (part number 8512), with a flexible ratchet head and ratchet lock-out button; when extended, this allows for greater torque to be applied when loosening stubborn or corroded fixings without causing damage to the ratchet mechanism.

Use as a standard 1/2″ drive with its smooth 72-tooth ratchet mechanism and the great accessibility offered by the flexi-head. Then press a button to lock-out the ratchet and slide the handle extension out from 455mm long to a full 630mm – you now have a useful power bar just when you need it. The handle has two fixed positions, extending from 455mm to 630mm, and when combined with the flexi head and 72-tooth ratchet mechanism it makes it ideal for use on hard to access nuts and bolts.

Manufactured from chrome vanadium for strength with a chrome plated finish and knurled grip handle.

Want to know more about the drive wrench? Click here.

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