Eclipse Diagnostics solves Mercedes Sprinter fault

Eclipse Diagnostics solves Mercedes Sprinter fault

Brett Edkins, Technical Manager at Eclipse Diagnostics, explains how to identify and correct an emission fault on a Mercedes Sprinter.

Identifying faults on many modern LCVs is increasingly difficult given the rising levels of technology employed by manufacturers. This analysis of the emission fault on a Mercedes Sprinter (907) model shows how the Eclipse Jaltest package is becoming the go-to diagnostic solution for the LCV sector.

The problem

The Mercedes Sprinter (907) had recently been into a workshop when, after diagnosis, it was suggested that the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) needed replacing because it was blocked. As the vehicle was less than a year old, the owner had brought it for a second opinion to another garage that uses the Eclipse Jaltest package.

With many possible causes of the DPF fault, the technician first needed to interrogate the electronic diesel, common rail ECU (CDID3 S2) using Jaltest Diagnostics before replacing any components.

Eclipse Diagnostics solves a Mercedes Sprinter fault

Initial assessment

The Technician made an initial diagnosis of the electronic diesel, common rail ECU (CDID3 S2) to check whether there were any logged faults in the diagnosis memory, present or historic, which would assist in the possible cause of the DPF problem.

One active fault was detected by the electronic diesel, common rail ECU (CDID3 S2): P300137 Particulate filter restriction – Ash Accumulation.

The technician was unsure if this code meant that the DPF required replacing, so he called the Eclipse vehicle support helpdesk for some expert advice from one of the trained technicians.

Jaltest analysis

Using the Eclipse Assist (remote support), the customer was guided by the Eclipse Vehicle Support Technician to the system display screen where they could look at all the live data for the DPF. This would enable the technician to analyse all the sensor readings and determine if the fault was with the filter itself or one of the sensors that was giving an inaccurate reading.

As can be seen from the reading that they obtained, the DPF reading is high but not outside the range limits to carry out the regeneration.

Eclipse Diagnostics solves a Mercedes Sprinter fault

Carrying out the DPF regeneration With the help of the Eclipse Vehicle Support Technician, the regeneration function was easily found within the software and the process was fully explained to the customer technician, ensuring that his knowledge of the Jaltest software would benefit.


The regeneration process, likewise with all other Jaltest functions, guides the user through the procedure from any initial setup conditions through to the conclusion.

The customer can always be confident that the Eclipse support service is on hand to help with any diagnostic problems.

Clearing down the fault

Once the regeneration has successfully been completed, the technician will then be able to clear the fault code from the vehicle and clear the warning light off the dash.

With the use of all the features available within the Jaltest software, and a support team on-hand to assist, the technician is easily able to identify both the fault and possible cause of the fault leading to the rapid rectification of the problem.

Eclipse Diagnostics solves a Mercedes Sprinter fault

Looking after the customer

Eclipse has developed its business around the core philosophy of customer support from when the system is first purchased and throughout its life. That support begins with the software, which is updated three times a year to reflect new models and more information as it becomes available, and continues with the Eclipse support services.

A range of features and services are available including a comprehensive training package, which also includes full training programmes held at the Eclipse Training Centre, as well as cover from the Technical Support Service.

This cover includes Vehicle Technical Support, which is a telephone-based service manned by trained and experienced professionals and available to all users to answer questions and solve vehicle problems.

Eclipse is the largest supplier of multi-brand diagnostic products in the commercial vehicle aftermarket, with its Eclipse Testpad Extreme+ running Jaltest software helping many businesses to improve vehicle and machinery performance.

There are more than 2,500 Eclipse Jaltest packages in use covering a wide range of commercial vehicles, including all LCVs.

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