Let’s talk code

Let’s talk code

ABS/EBS fault decoding is the latest innovation to be added to Scrutineer, the stand- alone trailer diagnostic unit from Hope Technical Developments.

The Scrutineer has been an invaluable tool in many fleet workshops for over 30 years, helping fleet operators diagnose trailer faults and speed up their servicing.

One reason for its continuing popularity is that its integral air and electrical power and remote control enables trailer checks and diagnostics to be carried out by a single technician, both in the workshop and on mobile servicing operations. This optimizes workshop efficiency, and speeds up maintenance and repairs.

Code Talk

To ensure the Scrutineer continues to keep pace with modern technical developments, the company has now integrated Code Talk, a fault code reading and decoding technology to help trailer diagnostic testing processes. Code Talk eliminates the need for separate manufacturer’s code reading equipment, and successfully shows the actual fault code and fault description. This means there is no additional workshop time needed to set up separate laptop-based diagnostic software.

The software is continuously updated to ensure 100% manufacturer compatibility, eliminating the need to maintain multiple pieces of OEM equipment. The system is compatible with most OE trailer ABS/EBS braking systems, including Haldex, Knorr- Bremse and Wabco.

A single technician can still operate the Scrutineer, and the device can be removed and used as a handheld device. What’s more, the workshops that are already using Scrutineer machines will be able to have Code Talk retrofitted.

Scrutineer in action

The Scrutineer provides power to the trailer via the workshop’s mains electricity supply, eliminating both unnecessary exhaust fumes and noise that would be produced if the tractor was used as the power source.

The Scrutineer is then hooked up to the front of the trailer, enabling the technician to walk to the back of the trailer and use the remote control to carry out function checks – there is no need to involve a second member of staff to operate the brakes, or check lights and so on.

Using a simple set of bright LEDs and dials, the Scrutineer allows technicians to pinpoint any issues quickly and efficiently, ensuring the trailer goes back into service as quickly as possible.

The Scrutineer can diagnose a myriad of faults including air leaks, poor brake adjustment, faults in lighting circuits, ABS and EBS faults, and problems with supply circuits. Technicians can check valve operation at the correct settings and pressure, the EBS CAN line integrity, and the operation of brake mechanisms via a remote control.

Code Talk provides additional diagnostic scope for ABS/EBS faults. It communicates directly with the trailer CAN bus lines to access the ABS-EBS ECU memory. It reads any faults that are in the ECU and can clear them once the fault is rectified. The system can also show live data such as air pressures, wheel speeds and voltages – all of which help speed up diagnostics.

On the electrical front, the Scrutineer allows technicians to test lighting circuits by socket pin number, allowing incorrect wiring to be spotted and corrected; to test the operation of the ABS system via 24N, 24S and the ISO-7638 connection; to perform a quick visual check of how many bulbs are in operation on a circuit with the integrated bulb meter; and identify earth faults immediately.

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