MAHA discusses its EconLift 6500

MAHA discusses its EconLift 6500

Nick Austin, MAHA UK Sales Manager, talks through the company’s EconLift 6500, a two-post workshop lift capable of handling the excessive vehicle weight of some modern-day vehicles.

If a supervan enters the workshop for a service, for example, with all its tools and equipment still packed in the back of the vehicle, it is likely that van will be at or close to its maximum total weight – i.e. gross vehicle weight.

Historically, LCV vans would have come in at three-and-a-half tonnes gross; however, today, some vehicle weights are reaching five tonnes, including emergency vehicles, class V minibuses and campers, with the latter potentially exceeding the weight. If a lift was required, therefore, the MAHA EconLift 6500, with its ability to cater for vehicles up to six-and-a-half tonnes, would be a viable choice.

Exceptional column rigidity and symmetrical lifting carriages are both important reasons as to why the MAHA EconLift 6500 is perfect for lifting LCVs. Fitted with two telescopic arms, with an extension range of up to 1.8m, it allows the lift to hoist up a wide variety of vehicles to a lifting height of 2.1m.

Maha EconLift 6500

Thanks to an integrated braking system, overrun is not possible; therefore, the lift won’t reach too close to the top or the bottom during operation. In addition, raising and lowering time, from top-to-bottom, is a rapid 45 seconds.

Importance of safety features

Fortunately, to ensure the vehicle is securely in-place on the lift, ensuring both the safety of the technician and protecting the customer’s property, there are a variety of supporting accessories available to purchase for the MAHA EconLift 6500. For example, there are two pieces of support arbor for the Mercedes Sprinter / Volkswagen Crafter. Essentially, the knuckles lock onto the chassis and prevent the vehicle from slipping off the lift.

Clamping belts, nonskid devices for vehicles with a longitudinal frame and a variety of support plates are all additional extras, which, according to Nick, are a worthwhile investment.

Maha EconLift 6500

He comments: “Sadly, I have witnessed examples of people using a two-post lift and inserting a block of large wood in-between the arm and vehicle because that individual hasn’t acquired the correct lifting fixtures. It’s obviously dangerous to both staff and, potentially, could damage the customer’s vehicle and that workshop’s reputation.

“These lifting devices and adapters suit different vehicles and need to be considered carefully when thinking about investing in a MAHA EconLift 6500.”

For more information about the MAHA EconLift 6500, click here.

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