MAHA explains its Eurosystem platform

MAHA explains its Eurosystem platform

Nick Austin, MAHA UK Sales Manager, explains how the company’s Eurosystem platform can be utilised not just in an ATF lane, but also during the periodic maintenance inspection (PMI) as well.

With the recent difficulties that the bus, coach, and commercial vehicle sectors have faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, vehicle inspection and maintenance are as crucial as ever.

“Whilst I believe we’re back to pre-pandemic levels of testing, the importance of inspections and maintenance is still prevalent,” explains Nick. “They’re significant parts of an operator’s licence, and there are scenarios where operators are not using a brake or headlight tester.

“However, in recent case studies produced by MAHA UK, it’s been well documented there are many benefits to bringing MOTs and inspections in-house rather than subcontracting them to a third-party, such as savings of time, fuel, labour charges and resources. That said, there are businesses that still haven’t invested, which can lead to difficulties.

“For example, every time a vehicle comes into a workshop, the drums come off, brakes are realigned, and new linings and components are installed – irrespective of whether they’re needed or not – some would class that as excellent due diligence, while others would say that’s overdoing it.

MAHA eurosystem

“The work may not be required, but it’s done because operators haven’t got the right way or, specifically, the equipment to measure the efficiency – going in blind essentially.”

For those that have invested in the right equipment, such as the MBT 7250 Eurosystem brake, MLT 3000 headlight tester or LMS 20 axle play detectors, Nick is aware of businesses that have won maintenance contracts on that premise.

On the MLT 3000 headlight tester specifically, Nick said: “I am aware of some workshops that continue to use a 30-year-old headlight tester, mounted to the MOT bay, but that simply won’t do the job anymore – the lens won’t be capable of measuring the new matrix LED bulbs.

“On the MLT 3000, though, via camera technology, the electronic software can make the decision whether a headlight, irrespective of how many LEDs are present, is aligned correctly or not. It removes the possibility of human error from how people interpret what they’re seeing.”

What’s more, data and information generated from MAHA’s equipment, incorporating its Eurosystem operating system, can either be printed or uploaded to software platforms for compliance, workshop and fleet management.

Nick concludes: “Every single brake test and its results are stored on the equipment’s hard drive, which can then be shared with a customer’s reception. All of those brake tests can be printed, so if the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency wanted to see the last three brake tests, for example, they can be accessed easily and quickly.”

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