MANN-FILTER showcases e-axle oil filter

MANN-FILTER showcases e-axle oil filter

Mann-Filter is offering a new aftermarket transmission oil filter – the W 7071 – for e-axles in the Mercedes-Benz eActros 300 and 400.

As all the transmission components are integrated in the e-axle, one oil circuit in total is sufficient for both cooling and lubrication. However, since the oil comes into contact with mechanical and electronic components, metal particles and chippings from the transmission can end up in the power electronics and the e-motor, causing them damage. Therefore, the e-axle only functions if these particles are removed from the system efficiently, quickly, and permanently. As with many conventional transmissions, the focus is on particle separation – an oil filter is required for this.

The Mann-Filter W 7071 transmission oil filter is fitted with the new multigrade O-eM 50 filtration medium, which is specially tailored to the oil requirements for lubricating and cooling e-axles. The fully synthetic filtration medium is characterized by a high chemical resistance to becoming brittle during use, which is why the filter is suitable for very long service intervals according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, the W 7071 has a high degree of separation – 99.5% with a particle size of 50 μm.

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