MANN+HUMMEL introduces fuel filter medium

MANN+HUMMEL introduces fuel filter medium

Here, MANN+HUMMEL introduces its latest fuel filter medium.

MULTIGRADE F-MB 2000 is a new filter medium which is said to offer separation efficiency of 99.95% down to a particle size of four micrometers, that’s 18 times smaller than the width of a human hair. Developed by MANN+HUMMEL, the medium is used in the MANN-FILTER WK 11 051 fuel filter and ensures that 9,995 out of 10,000 streaming particles are retained.

At present the WK 11 051 is available for Renault Trucks and for Volvo Bus and Trucks. Its seal materials are resistant to, tested with, and ideally suited for standard diesel and biodiesel variants as well as new synthetic diesel fuels such as HVO.

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