Meyle highlights its new cabin air filter

Meyle highlights its new cabin air filter

Meyle highlights its new cabin air filter, how it helps to protect against NOx and fine dust, and how many times you should replace your filter per year.

For a truck driver, it is often not uncommon to spend up to 24 hours on the road. Especially during long trips, the majority of the daily routine of a truck driver takes place in the cabin. Therefore, the quality of the air in the cabin is of particular relevance for the driver’s well-being and health.

Nowadays, almost all trucks have an integrated cabin air filter. The filter cleans the air in the cabin and protects the driver from harmful gases and particles, which in addition to smog, exhaust, soot, ozone, and pollen also include fine dust and nitrogen oxide (NOx). The vehicle’s cabin air filter is essential for the driver to ensure cleaner and fresher air, allowing for a healthy cabin environment without harmful substances.

With the new Meyle-PD cabin air filter, Meyle offers the appropriate filter solution: the high-quality filter media are enhanced with specially impregnated active carbon and can thereby provide a particularly high adsorption of NOx.

They also offer a very high filter efficiency and an enormously high capture of fine dust. Thus, the filter is particularly suitable for high traffic environments such as large cities or long traffic jams with high levels of fine dust pollution. Here, the filter ensures seamless airflow with minimal loss in pressure.

Unlike conventional cabin air filters with active carbon, filtered NOx is chemically bound in the Meyle-PD filter material as a salt and is never released again even when disposed of. Thus, the new cabin air filter permanently and sustainably reduces NOx in the environment and directly in the cabin. This makes the Meyle-PD cabin air filter unique.

The layers of the Meyle-PD cabin air filter fulfil a wide spectrum of functions:

  • The cover fleece filters larger particles of dust
  • The particle medium is outstanding at capturing fine dust
  • The two impregnated layers of activated carbon chemically bind the NOx
  • The carrier fleece serves as a basis for the layer of activated carbon and the particle medium


The Meyle-PD cabin air filter is available for the following truck applications:

  • DAF (65 CF, 75 CF, 85 CF, CF (05/13-), CF 65, CF 75, CF 85, XF, XF 105)
  • Iveco (S-WAY, Stralis, Trakker, X-WAY)
  • Mercedes-Benz (ACTROS MP4 / MP5, ANTOS)
  • Renault Trucks (C-Series, K-Series, TSeries)
  • Volvo (FH 16 II, FH II)
  • Scania (L-Series, P-Series, G-Series, RSeries, S-Series)

Replacing the filter

For optimal filter performance, Meyle recommends replacing the cabin air filter every 15,000 kilometres or, better yet, twice a year. The tyre changes in spring and autumn are a good opportunity to combine with a cabin air filter replacement.

Over time fine dust, soot, pollen and even insects clog the filter, resulting in a gradual loss of function. In addition to cabin air filters, Meyle also offers an extensive portfolio of high-performance oil, air and fuel filters for all conventional vehicle models.

The portfolio

Commercial vehicles are subject to exceptionally high levels of stress because they have to transport heavy loads usually across long distances.

Components should, thus, be serviced and wear parts replaced at regular intervals to avoid long and costly downtime. Meyle spare parts offer a good solution, particularly for trucks by MAN, Mercedes- Benz, DAF, Volvo, Scania, Renault and Iveco, as well as for buses and trailers.

With technically enhanced products such as the Meyle-HD stabiliser links and tie rod end assemblies for trucks and the optimised Meyle-PD brake pads, vehicles with Meyle parts can spend more time on the road.

For more information on the available range from Meyle, click here.

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