MEYLE launches MEYLE‑ORIGINAL-NOx sensor

MEYLE launches MEYLE‑ORIGINAL-NOx sensor

In line with the 25th anniversary of MEYLE spare parts for trucks, the company has added the MEYLE-ORIGINAL-NOx sensor to its range.

This sensor complements the truck electronics range and aims to ensure the best possible performance under extreme loads.

The MEYLE ORIGINAL-NOx sensor supports optimum exhaust gas aftertreatment, therefore, enabling compliance with the strict emission values from Euro 5. Non-compliance may lead to the expiry of the operating licence.

The NOx sensor measures the nitrogen oxide (NOx) content of the exhaust gases before and after the so-called SCR-catalyst (Selective Catalytic Reduction). The SCR catalytic converter converts the harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water by adding the urea solution AdBlue. At the same time, the MEYLE-ORIGINAL-NOx-Sensor enables the optimum dosage of AdBlue by the engine management system and thus an effective reduction of nitrogen oxides which are harmful to the environment and health.

Defective NOx sensors can have far-reaching consequences for the operation of the vehicle, such as temporary or permanent engine emergency running, exceeding exhaust gas limits and increased AdBlue consumption. Another possible consequence is a high ammonia content in the exhaust gases, which can lead to corrosion of the entire exhaust system and high environmental pollution.

To ensure the best possible performance the MEYLE-ORIGINAL-NOx sensor, like all MEYLE products, has been developed according to strict MEYLE quality standards and stringent OE requirements and has been thoroughly tested for functionality and durability.

The MEYLE ORIGINAL NOx sensor is available under article numbers: 034 802 0002, 034 802 0003, 034 802 0004, 12-34 802 0001, 12-34 802 0002, 12-34 802 0003, 14-34 802 0004, 14-34 802 0005, 14-34 802 0006, 234 802 0001, 534 802 0002, 534 802 0003, 834 802 0001, 834 802 0002, 834 802 0003, 834 802 0004 and is available for various Mercedes, MAN, DAF, IVECO and SCANIA models.

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