Mirka adds to its file belts range

Mirka adds to its file belts range

A range of surface conditioning belts is being added to Mirka’s file belts line-up, offering flexible, non-woven file belts that are robust and highly adaptive, and leave a quality surface finish for the next step.

The wide range of file belts is suitable for manufacturing, restoration, panel beating and bodyshop applications, together with Mirka’s pneumatic belt sander, which is available in two configurations, the PBS 10NV and PBS 13NV.

The conditioning belts work especially well in cleaning up welds and removing rust and paint in difficult-to-reach areas where a narrow file belt is the best solution. In addition, they are highly adaptive to intricate and radial contours, and can be used on all metals, from steel to aluminium, and on some composite materials such as fibreglass, epoxy resins and rigid plastic.

The conditioning belts work at a lower surface temperature than traditional file belts and leave a satin finish which is free from irregular scratches, making the next step easier for the operator. The sanding process produces no sparks, which is an important factor in many applications.

The new belts are available in a wide range of grits, from 80 (coarse) to 280 (very fine), to suit numerous different surfaces.

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