Mirka launches pneumatic belt sanders

Mirka launches pneumatic belt sanders

Mirka’s innovative product portfolio is expanding with the launch of two new pneumatic belt sanders (PBS) and two new file belts, designed for the bodyshop and manufacturing sectors.

These products have been designed to ensure users have access to a complete solution that meets the constantly evolving requirements of their daily tasks and jobs.

The new Mirka PBS 10NV and Mirka PBS 13NV have been developed for removing paint in body shop work and collision repair and for grinding welding spots and seams in vehicle manufacturing.

The R&D team in Jeppo, Finland, designed these tools with the user in mind and focused on their overall useability and ergonomics. The PBS’ design ensures low vibration sanding, and its rubber handle ensures the user has a comfortable grip, so the tool can be used for a sustained period, whilst reducing the stress on the hand and wrist. The grinding speed is easy to set with a top-mounted selector. The belts can be quickly changed with the help of the tool’s tension mechanism, and the arm angle can be quickly adjusted with one key that is stored in the handle.

To complement the Pneumatic Belt Sanders, Mirka is also expanding its abrasives line-up with the new Ceramic and Zirconia file belts, which are suitable for use on metals and can be used across multiple applications.

The Ceramic file belt is available in P36 -P120 grits. Its innovative design offers a high wear resistance for increased usage and its blend of self-sharping grains allows for maximum stock removal for the lifetime of the abrasive.

The Zirconia file belt is available in P24- P120 grits. It provides users with a hardwearing heat resistant abrasive that offers high stock removal alongside a consistent scratch pattern. In addition, the Zirconia’s versatility enables it to be used across multiple applications, ranging from paint removal and stainless steel to high alloy steel, non-ferrous metals and cast iron.

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