Mirka showcases Iridium SR abrasive

Mirka showcases Iridium SR abrasive

The Iridium SR abrasive from Mirka has been designed to make a technician’s work easier by delivering a consistent, uniform cut and scratch pattern that is fast and easy to polish out.

It aims for the finest finishing stages of automotive refinishing and collision repair as well as vehicle manufacturing and also is said to perform consistently on clearcoat, topcoat and lacquers and composite processing.

The abrasive claims to offer excellent consistency and an long lifespan due to its tridimensional technology silicon carbide grains. These grains are evenly placed and form new abrasive edges whenever they break down during the sanding process, which prolongs the sharpness of the grain and reduces abrasive wastage. Also, when combined with Mirka’s cordless tools, the AOS-B and AROP-B, it aims to provide the user with unparalleled performance in spot repair work and finishing quality control.

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