Morris unveils new range of Antifreeze Coolants

Morris unveils new range of Antifreeze Coolants

Up until recently, the antifreeze coolant market has been dominated by traditional blue two-year antifreezes using older inorganic chemistry and five-year red antifreezes that employ newer Organic Acid Technology (OAT).

These older products have now fallen into the commodities bracket as the OEM and global qualifications that these products meet are limited and may even be outdated. Engine designers are now not only specifying increasingly tailored engine oil formulations but are extending their demands to antifreeze coolant formulations.

New requirements

To accommodate these new requirements Morris Lubricants has released a new range of Ultralife Antifreeze Coolants: Ultralife 1, Ultralife 2, Ultralife 3 and Ultralife 4. This new range has been formulated to offer refined levels of protection to engines employed across a range of market sectors, including passenger car, light commercial vehicles and heavy-duty diesel commercial vehicles.

The Ultralife antifreeze coolant range now covers 169 different engine specifications. This means workshops can have confidence that they are selecting and using the correct antifreeze coolant.


Ultralife 1

This product is an OAT based antifreeze coolant that is qualified for use in a wide range of vehicles across a variety of markets, including commercial vehicle and passenger car. This antifreeze coolant provides high levels of rust and corrosion protection.

Morris unveils new range of Antifreeze Coolants

Ultralife 2

This is a silicate-free OAT antifreeze coolant which has been formulated primarily around the demands of Japanese, Korean and European car manufacturers where seal and gasket compatibility are essential to prevent the likelihood of deterioration and leaks. This antifreeze coolant contains phosphate technology for effective pH control and enhanced corrosion protection.

Ultralife 3

This antifreeze coolant has been developed in line with German OEM requirements, with a silicate inhibitor for advanced aluminium protection and phosphate to buffer the pH and keep the product slightly alkaline. This OAT antifreeze coolant covers engines used in the commercial vehicle, off-highway and passenger car markets.

Ultralife 4

As a robust and versatile antifreeze coolant spanning multiple vehicle sectors, this product has long established credentials due to its tried and tested OAT inhibitor chemistry. This product is ideal for mixed vehicles fleets employing a range of OEMs and equipment types, including gas engines.

It is easy to fall into the trap of selecting blue or red antifreeze coolant based on past use, but choice should never be based on colour. The colour is purely cosmetic and plays no part in how the antifreeze coolant performs. It is also worth mentioning that mixing different product types can be highly detrimental with reduced effectiveness and harmful side effects. Antifreeze coolant choice should therefore always mirror original equipment manufacturer specifications to maximise protection, efficiency and performance of the engine.

Help at hand

The Ultralife range of antifreeze coolants covers a wide variety of vehicle specifications to meet manufacturer requirements. Morris’s technical team recommend checking the engine specifications required to make sure the correct antifreeze coolant is used. If unsure, you can seek industry experienced advice by calling this team or by visiting the Morris Lubricants website.

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