MS Motorservice develops BF-branded oil pumps

MS Motorservice develops BF-branded oil pumps

With its BF-branded oil pumps, MS Motorservice is providing the aftermarket with high-quality spare parts for the MAN engines D20.66 and D26.76.

When developing the oil pumps, the designers at the spare-parts specialist focused on preventing familiar causes of damage which can occur in the oil pumps originally installed ex works. Their aim was to improve the pump’s durability. As a result, the pump rotors were redesigned, meaning the number of oil chambers in the internal geometry of the rotors could be reduced from eight to seven. However, their size was increased so that they provide the same technical specifications. Additionally, the drive ring gears were manufactured from nitrided steel, which makes them more resistant to porosity and wear and gives them the necessary strength.

Once the development stage was successfully completed, the pumps underwent intensive validation testing on a test rig. They also had to withstand hundreds of hours of operation under full load in an original MAN engine before the engineers were prepared to give the go-ahead for series production. The pumps are available as a complete spare parts kit, including all the required screws and gaskets.

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