Nene Transport discusses MAHA

Nene Transport discusses MAHA

After spending great amounts of time and resources in travelling to get its fleet inspected by a third party, Nene Transport explains why it decided to opt for an inspection and test lane from MAHA.

About MAHA

MAHA stands for high-tech vehicle inspection and workshop fittings. A manufacturer, the company supplies the likes of test benches and vehicle lifts to various inspection devices for cars, utility vehicles, motorbikes and special-purpose vehicles. With the option of linking individual test devices to form universal test lanes, MAHA has become a skilled technical partner to companies all over the world.

MAHA products meet the highest quality standards, represent reliability and a long service life, and satisfy the most demanding requirements.

MAHA UK and Nene Transport already boasted a rapport and healthy working relationship after the installation of mobile column lifts in August 2019, not to mention that MAHA UK’s Louis Tunmore and Nene Transport’s Liam Simpson have a relationship that spans back a decade from Liam’s previous workplace. Therefore, when Nene Transport chose to have an inspection lane fitted, Liam immediately gravitated to Louis and MAHA UK.

Nene Transport

Liam comments: “MAHA is everywhere in this area! It has an excellent reputation and always excelled when I’ve worked with the company and, in particular, Louis. While the equipment is of a standard that I expect, the back-up and customer service offered is just as good; for example, if we ever have a question, a member of the team will be here same or next-day.

“For servicing and calibrations, we don’t even need to ring the company! A technician will simply turn up and do they job when required.”

Nene Transport

Initially, Premier Pits prepared a proposal for a full DVSA specification lane, one which “futureproofs Nene Transport’s workshop business and allows them to inspect to the highest standards in the shortest time,” according to Louis, one of MAHA UK’s workshop equipment specialists.

The lane consists of a pit with side access and emergency escape tunnel, installed by Premier Pits, as well as MAHA UK’s LMS 20/2 axle play detectors, MLT 1000 headlamp alignment tester, and MBT 7250 EUROSYSTEM brake tester.

While the aforementioned equipment has been operational since December 2020, most recently, a tachograph calibration system has also been installed, ensuring that Nene Transport continues its aim of conducting servicing and maintenance in-house.

Nene Transport

Liam said Nene’s Transport reluctance to continue using a third-party was the biggest single motivation in deciding to invest.

He added: “Before we chose to go down the route we have, we were travelling to Kings Lynn to get a brake test. We don’t need do that now; we’re able to do it all on-site.

“This has allowed us to save in wages, hours, and fuel, as well as being able to get our lorries back on the road a lot faster. Being able to conduct a brake test in-house, before taking wages and time into account, has saved us approximately £12,000 – and we’ve only had the capability to do this in eight months.”

For more information on the products and services on offer from MAHA, click here.

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