Freeway Fleet Systems launches web booking portal

Freeway Fleet Systems launches web booking portal

Freeway Fleet Systems has announced the launch of a web booking portal for commercial vehicle servicing.

The development has been designed to allow vehicle operators to go online to select dates and slots for servicing and repairs. Part of Freeway’s fleet maintenance software that is used by the truck and bus industry, the portal can be accessed through a web browser or smartphone app.

Expected to appeal to commercial workshop operators including dealerships, the web portal has already been implemented by a number of Freeway customers for managing ‘internal customers’ where workshops undertake servicing of vehicles, trailers and plant from different divisions.

The system auto-generates email or text messages such as booking confirmation, reminders and work completed notifications. Using communication templates, these notifications can be customised and can allow different recipients to be set up, for example, dealer service desks, asset owners and vehicle drivers.

As an end-to-end system handling everything from initial booking and scheduling to defect management and compliance, Freeway is a complete fleet management solution that provides real-time visibility of workshop activity, performance and costs down to individual components. Booking management capability also allows accounting requirements to be handled, such as applying variable charges for different cost centres, partners and customers.

Patrick Tandy, Managing Director of Freeway Fleet Systems, commented: “The online booking portal is a game changer for anyone providing a workshop service, whether internal or external.  It’s a real-time paperless facility that eliminates phone calls and lot of time wasted checking workshop schedules and going back and forth with available slots. Like booking a slot for a grocery delivery, vehicles can be simply booked in with a few clicks and the whole process is automated thereafter.”

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