Nissens Automotive launches Turbo Oil Feed Pipes

Nissens Automotive launches Turbo Oil Feed Pipes

As part of further expansion of the Engine Efficiency product category, Nissens Automotive has enhanced its Turbo range with the addition of Turbo Oil Feed Pipes.

The turbo oil feed pipe (OFP) is a part of the turbo system, and it is a component of substantial importance for the system’s proper operation. The OFP is a thin channel connected to the engine lubrication system. Its main function is to secure the appropriate lubrication needed for the turbocharger. The OFP supplies engine oil from the engine block directly to the turbo’s bearing system, ensuring the turbo shaft’s lubrication and cooling.

The turbo oil feed pipe is an important part in the turbo system and plays a crucial role in its proper, trouble-free operation, and the engine’s charge performance. This significant expansion within Nissens’ Engine Efficiency category reflects its aim to support the aftermarket with complete solutions enabling proper system service and maintenance.

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