On-Vehicle Power

On-Vehicle Power

Scott Matthews, Logistics and Fleet Executive/Group Transport Manager for the Tructyre Group, explains why the company uses Winton on-vehicle power.

Increasingly , commercial vehicle tyres are being fitted or repaired out on the road which, according to Winton, means technicians require mobile power. On-vehicle power systems can provide compressed air, electricity, hydraulic power or high-pressure water jetting. And, compared to the traditional approach of using separate pieces of plant to provide power, they offer many benefits – especially to mobile tyre fitting and repair businesses.

Scott Matthews takes up the story: “As Tructyre has grown, Winton has grown with us, and this has built a stable foundation for our partnership. Winton has listened to our requirements and needs, and has kept up with all of our customer demands.

“Up until the third quarter of 2016, we used the tried and tested PTO operated drive line power take off with an M80 compressor. This system worked very well for us, but we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve systems and efficiencies, and to control operating costs. After meetings with Winton, we trialled a new engine mounted compressor system, and the Mattei M75 rotary vane compressor was installed to a newbuild Mercedes Benz EU5 Sprinter. It was put to test in real-time operating practices, doing the same work as the previous system. We instantly received good feedback from the operator, and after a three-month trial, the system had proved to be easier to operate, quieter, lighter and more fuel efficient, and lowered capital costs.

“The Mattei M75 system ticked all the boxes and with the data gathered we could see a fuel saving improvement of +2.4 mpg average. The next stage was to introduce this system to a newbuild Mercedes Benz EU6, which we took delivery of in January 2017 to complement our service fleet. Along with the on-vehicle power system, the installation includes a purpose-built work bench, LED roof lights, LED work lights and an inverter.

“To have a good system is one thing, but it also needs to be backed up with support and aftersales. Winton installs, maintains, services and repairs, and has a highly skilled team of workshop and field based engineers. So, from scheduling a new build process or arranging a service to invoicing or administration, the backup and support offered and executed provides us with a complete package.”


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