Osram expands portfolio of LED lights

Osram expands portfolio of LED lights

Osram details how it has expanded its portfolio of LED working and driving lights to meet rising demand.

With around 605,393 trucks currently on UK roads, the CV market is playing a major role in transporting in-demand items during these unprecedented times, moving 98% of all food and agricultural products, with 89% of good transported by land and moved directly by road in Great Britain.

As the days become shorter and the nights become longer, it is therefore essential that commercial vehicles are fitted with powerful, high quality lights to maximize visibility. To meet this demand, Osram has expanded its product portfolio of LEDriving working and driving lights with 18 new types, now providing customers with approximately 30 products for designing the front and rear lighting of their vehicles, not including product combinations.

New in the portfolio are products for rear lighting, round headlamps, and a road legal light, which can be installed individually. These have a brightness of 8,000 lumens and a range of up to 635 metres. The LEDriving working and driving lights offer high output that illuminates larger areas around the vehicle with bright light. More light means improved vision and visibility, and therefore, increased safety on and off-road.

They enable drivers to see better and be seen better. During the day, the ‘position light’ function will highlight the truck’s presence, and at night, the additional high beam function improves far-field visibility whilst warning others of the truck’s approach.

Osram lights

Retrofit lights

As usual, all the new LEDriving driving lights are road legal, according to ECE regulations, providing they are fitted as per the instructions and the guidelines are followed accordingly in the country in which they are used. The light output from the new one-metre-wide single ‘Lightbar FX1000’ stands out particularly due to its high brightness of 8,000 lumens at a range of up to 635 metres all from just one fixture.

New in the portfolio of driving and working lights are the Round VX80-WD, Round MX180-CB, Round MX260-CB, and Round VX70-SP. Their shape allows for new design possibilities on any vehicle.

Particularly when reversing, good lighting is crucial at night or in bad weather. With the Reversing VX120R-WD and Reversing VX120S-WD lights, there is the option to retrofit additional reversing lights.

Osram lights

Innovation and quality

The products in the range vary in shape, size, light profile, light output, and near and far field illumination, but they have one thing in common: they have all been tested under extreme conditions in the Osram test laboratory and, as a result, can withstand water, dust, hot and cold temperatures, and vibration and shock.

Thanks to their aluminium housing and polycarbonate lens, they are particularly light, but at the same time robust and resistant to whatever the road ahead has in store. Designed with safety in mind, the specialist technology will light up the darkest of environments, and the uniform light distribution provides a clear view across the entire width of the road, helping CV drivers to focus on longer drives and when making those important deliveries.

Robust and compact, they combine extremely high optic efficiency with even light distribution. A glare-reducing reflector design redirects LED light to improve visibility for increased road safety, even during compromised daylight.

For more information on Osram’s available range of LED lighting, click here.

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