Osram lights

Osram lights

Osram highlights its Multifunctional Series of lights, which includes the LEDriving Working Lights, and LEDriving Driving Lights.

LEDriving Working Lights

The LEDriving CUBE MX85-SP and -WD versions are the working lights of the Multifunctional Series that combine two LED lighting performances: working light and stylish ‘X’ shape light. The SP version offers a far field illumination beam of up to 110m with a 13.5° beam angle, and the WD version is specialised for near field illumination, with a light beam of up to 55m and a particularly wide beam angle of 43.5°.

LEDriving LIGHTBAR MX140-WD is also part of the Multifunctional Series. The wide beam patterns produce a far field illumination up to 60m, and the product is designed in a robust and compact design with a lifetime of up to 5,000 hours. The LED light provides a high-optic efficiency, homogeneous light distribution and reduced glare.Osram lights driving

LEDriving Driving Lights

The LEDriving LIGHTBAR MX140-SP is an ECE compliant working light of the Multifunctional Series. It produces a powerful far field illumination of up to 200m. LEDriving LIGHTBAR FX250-SP and –CB versions are part of the Functional Series and are characterised by a fully ECE compliant auxiliary high beam. The SP beam pattern generates an improved far field illumination of up to 360m and a 5° beam angle, whilst the CP version provides far field and near field illumination of up to 320m and a 5° beam angle.

And finally, LEDriving LIGHTBAR SX180-SP, -SX300-SP and -SX500-SP are all part of the Slim Series. These products are intended for use as auxiliary high beam lamps, are constructed with a slim design, and are characterised with increased far field illumination. The three SP beams differ in their light beams, which range from 190 to 270 and up to 370m.Osram lights driving

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