Pelican Engineering discusses greener transport

Pelican Engineering discusses greener transport

Yorkshire-based Pelican Engineering discusses its network for zero emission bus and coach operators designed to support best practice as the sector transitions to greener transport.

Pelican, which has exclusive supply of the world-leading Yutong zero emission bus and coach models in the UK, launched the group – known as ‘Team Zero’ – at an event in Glasgow ahead of COP26, where it has the largest concentration of zero emission passenger vehicles in operation at the climate conference.

Attended by directors of both Yutong and Pelican Engineering as well as representatives of eight leading operators, the event demonstrated the importance of cooperation between vehicle manufacturers and operators.

Head of Yutong Bus UK at Pelican Ian Downie comments: “We have been working on developing a collaborative platform for our zero emission passenger vehicle customers for some time. The network will bring together our customers across England, Wales, and Scotland with the intention of supporting their move to clean passenger transport technology.


“As well as providing a forum for bus and coach operators to learn from one another, we also plan to provide ongoing updates and host a series of informative workshops to keep customers abreast of the latest developments and promote best practice throughout the industry.”

One of Pelican’s Team Zero members is McGill’s in Glasgow, the UK’s largest independent bus operator. As part of McGill’s ongoing investment into clean technology, Pelican fitted-out and commissioned its biggest-ever order of zero emission electric Pelican Yutong buses with the delivery of 55 buses ahead of the COP26 climate change conference.

Despite global supply chain disruption affecting so many sectors over the last few months, the full fleet of zero-emission vehicles supplied by Pelican was delivered on schedule in October for service on routes around the city and in Renfrewshire. After the initial vehicle was delivered in July, the balance of the 54 vehicles was completed in less than seven weeks.


Pelican’s technicians undertook the full commissioning of the buses, from fitting customer-specific seats to carrying out high voltage and EV checks and battery maintenance to ensure the vehicles were ready for service. The vehicles completed the 240-mile trip from Pelican’s workshops in Castleford using only 60% of the battery capacity, and after a complete safety inspection, entered into service the day after delivery.

McGill’s, which is owned by the Easdale family, chose the Yutong E12 electric bus model as it is zero emission at the point of use, bringing benefits to air quality and the environment. The vehicle has also been designed to deliver high levels of customer and driver comfort, including minimal noise. Now the largest bus manufacturer in the world with 16% of the global market, Yutong has been supplying third generation family business Pelican exclusively in the UK for the last five years.

Richard Crump, Managing Director of Pelican Engineering, comments: “As a company with a 100-year-plus history, we pride ourselves on leading the way in the transport sector and embracing the latest technology in order to offer customers the very best vehicles on the market. By the end of 2021, we will have 200 Yutong electric vehicles in service in the UK and are proud to be supporting the industry’s transition to zero emission buses.”

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