Philips modifies technology for heavy vehicle applications

Philips modifies technology for heavy vehicle applications

Upgrading a commercial vehicle with a quality headlamp bulb is among the safest, easiest and most cost-efficient options available. Philips has applied its technology specifically to suit heavy vehicle applications with its latest generation of MasterDuty headlight bulbs, developed by Lumileds. 

The MasterDuty comes with an enhanced beam performance, offering up to +130% brighter light without compromising durability or lifetime, the latter being 550 hours.

Philips claims that safety is always a priority, and as such, the MasterDuty now allows drivers to see better and further. Complete illumination is especially important in the critical distance between 75 to 100 metres in front of the vehicle – increased visibility will allow drivers to recognise obstacles and potential dangers earlier than most other halogen headlight lamps will allow. The use of a high-performance gas composition means that the light colour emitted is also comfortable for the eye, which helps to prevent driver fatigue.

The technology behind the bulb requires the use of performant burners with double coil technology, and drivers can get more light on the road thanks to the precise positioning of the filament. The advanced burner design, controlled manufacturing process, and use of quartz glass in the bulbs’ production allows for increased pressure inside the lamp, which generates a more powerful light.

Philips adapts technology for heavy vehicle applications

Maximum vibration resistance and a longer lifetime are key features of the MasterDuty that will help eliminate downtime. Increased mount and base stiffness give protection against mechanical shock, and the double filament is designed to withstand severe vibration whilst remaining stable.

Philips bulbs are subjected to rigorous testing procedures to ensure that the products are up to the task, and are ECE certified. To test vibration resistance, lamps are mounted on a vibration platform that recreates extreme driving conditions and runs continuously for 20 hours, through all possible vibration frequencies.

MasterDuty bulbs are available in the following formats: H1, H3, H4, H7, and H11. They also complement the existing Philips MasterLife and Philips MasterDuty BlueVision ranges.

To find out more about the Philips MasterDuty range of bulbs, click here.

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