Power pack

Power pack

Clarios has released its Varta proMotive AGM power pack, which provides the perfect supply of power for vehicles with certain features.

With up to a six times longer cycle life and great reliability, Clarios’ VARTA ProMotive AGM demonstrates the following benefits:

  • The high performance battery minimizes Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Hotel comfort: Power for parking cooler and heater.
  • Long service life even under the heaviest loads.

It also enables the greatest possible level of comfort in the driver’s cabin. This is an important competitive advantage in an industry where it is increasingly difficult to obtain and retain drivers.

Large numbers of electrical consumers require more and more energy, causing deep discharged batteries, especially after overnight stays. This puts a strain on the performance of commercial vehicle batteries. The VARTA ProMotive AGM alleviates this problem, providing the ideal power supply for vehicles equipped with comfort and advanced start-stop features.

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