Power-TEC launches glue-pulling kit

Power-TEC launches glue-pulling kit

Developed especially for glue-pulling, the latest kit from Power-TEC (part number 92645) needs no external heat source and so is ideal for PDR specialists and SMART repairers.

Glue-pulling is the ideal method of repair if there is not much room behind the dent to be repaired and – done well – will not damage the paintwork. This kit only needs the heat from the operator’s hands to soften the glue ready for use. It is a slide hammer system, and comes complete with four different alloy glue-adaptor pads and a guide handle that can be used separately as a hand-puller or with the slide hammer itself.

Power-TEC's latest glue-pulling kit

Removing dents is simple: clean the area, soften the glue by kneading it with hands and then put it on the glue-adaptor pad that is shaped most like the dent. Stick the pad to the centre of the dent – or the edge of larger dents – and pull. In an instant the cold glue adheres strongly enough to pop out small dents or work steadily on larger repairs. Chemically inert, the glue will not affect paintwork and can be removed by hand. It can even be reused provided it is clean and free of grease.

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