Premier Pits adds pit cover to its range

Premier Pits adds pit cover to its range

Premier Pits has added a new cover to its pit safety range.

The Premier Hinged Cover (patent No. E2—886-747-B1) is an air operated fall restraint made up of individual banks of 2.5m steel mesh panels. Each panel is operated by pneumatic cylinders connected to a central control box for an easy one person operation. The stairs of the pit are covered by individual sections which are manually lifted, and have the additional benefit of acting as a hand rail for ingress and egress.

Pit covers are becoming increasingly common in workshops across the UK, following health and safety guidelines, and in some countries, it is a legal requirement. Premier Pits offer a wide variety of options to cater for health and safety around the pit, however retrofitting covers, such as retractable covers, can require extensive groundworks to form storage areas for the cover, or, if this is not possible, the pit length must be reduced, meaning a loss of working space. The Premier Hinged Cover enables clients to protect their staff with minimal disruption whilst keeping the maximum working space.

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