Premier Pits details its range

Premier Pits details its range

Premier Pits is the longest established pit manufacturer in the UK and has been manufacturing and installing pits for 40 years. Along with details about its range, the company answers the question of whether pits can be installed in a high water table area.

The company’s range includes inspection, ATF, maintenance, rail, and washdown pits, all supported by various pit accessories and H&S equipment. Under-chassis, wash pits and ramps are also available.

When choosing a pit manufacturer, it is vital the product meets the highest manufacturing standard; every Premier Pit and Ramp complies to CE and BS EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 SSIP.

From the first point of contact to the completion of the job, Premier Pits offers a complete package. Advice is given on the type of pit to install, along with the modifications and accessories required for working on specific vehicles. The company’s skilled and experienced design engineers use the latest CAD design facilities and it is able to provide design support to architects, structural engineers, and contractors alike.

Although all pits are built around standard basic formats, they can be tailored to suit individual customer needs, thereby making available an endless range of combinations. Once delivered to the site, the pits are installed by one of Premier Pits’ own teams of skilled and experienced fitters.

Before hand over, the company always ensures that the pit and surrounding floor is clean and tidy, with all waste material removed. To ensure that everything is still in order on new build projects, Premier Pits revisits the site just prior to the building being handed over to the client.

Vehicle maintenance workshops across the UK and worldwide are being transformed by the installation of prefabricated, steel pits. Premier Pits, the creators of the concept, continue to make design improvements, add new features and options, and improve installation methods. Premier Pits is exported worldwide, with pits going to Angola, Afghanistan, Mexico, France, Norway, Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Canada, the United States…and even Antarctica!

Case study

“Can I replace an existing pit in an area with a high water table?” The answer is yes. Although there are more factors to consider with this type of installation, Premier Pits’ Installation Teams have the expertise to enable the end user to have a fully watertight end product.

The project

Replacement of three brick and block pits due to severe leakage from high water tables and dealing with the resulting overflow of water during installation.

The problem

Due to the high water table, the water that was apparent whilst digging out the old pits was substantial, this then leads to the risk of the surrounding ground becoming unstable. It is imperative to minimise the time between starting to excavate the old pit and installing the new one. On top of this, the workshop in question required minimum disruption as it was in full working order throughout.

Premier Pits

The solution

The speed of installation was critical. The new pits had to be ready at the exact time the old pits were dug out. The excess water was pumped out of the hole before the concrete was pumped around the newly installed pit. The Premier Pits team used their expertise to ensure these installations were carried out to the highest of standards. One pit was worked on at a time, leaving the other two pits available for day-to-day use to keep the workshop up and running during the whole installation.

The outcome

The use of three prefabricated working pits that are sealed to ensure that the high water table in the area will not be a problem again.

For more information, you can call Premier Pits on 01775 821 222, email , or click here.

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