Pro-Align explores the Hunter WAHD

Pro-Align explores the Hunter WAHD

Wheel alignment needn’t be time consuming nor taxing, says Clive Seabrook, CEO of Pro-Align.

Whether you’re conducting axle and suspension repairs on a van, truck, bus or coach, completing a full wheel alignment check before signing off the vehicle is essential. And choosing the right tools to help you do this can be a difficult task.

However, by utilising technologies and innovative designs found in more modern systems, such as the Hunter WAHD, your workshop is capable of saving both time and labour costs, all while increasing profits and revenue and reducing vehicle downtime for your customers.

Making a difference

Many workshops have long recognised the impact that correct wheel alignment can have on the management of both tyres and fuel. After all, when a truck’s tyres are correctly aligned, tyre life can be extended by as much as 22% and 10% respectively for drive and steer axle tyres.

What’s more, the number of revenue opportunities available for workshops through wheel alignment servicing are huge. Research suggests that eight out of 10 trucks on the road suffer from some form of misalignment, so it really is an opportunity not to be missed.

Pro-Align WAHD

A typical wheel alignment check requires technicians to carry out 17 different operations to get a full set of results which can take them around 15 minutes. But, with the WAHD from Hunter, the process is much simpler and slicker, requiring just seven steps, which can all be completed in just four minutes, helping to reduce labour hours and costs for your business, and delivering vehicles quickly back to customers to increase satisfaction levels.

Time saving

A huge concern for workshops that specialise in commercial vehicles is the time drain that a standard wheel alignment check can have on technicians. With a more advanced system, such as the WAHD from Hunter, this time is significantly reduced meaning technicians have more time to focus on other tasks and reduce vehicle downtime. This is essential for fleet managers, as keeping vehicles on the road making money is paramount to the success of their business.

To discover more about the dedicated commercial vehicle equipment available from Hunter, click here.

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