Providing scope

Providing scope

Doctor Air Brake, manufacturer and supplier of truck and trailer testing equipment, believes it has a solution that can save your business time and money – the Trailer Scope.

The Trailer Scope enables technicians to test everything on a trailer, from lighting circuits to leak down tests. Perhaps the Scope’s greatest asset is that it allows a technician to complete a task on their own, cutting out a second mechanic and reducing overall cost.

Take operating the lighting circuits, for example. This usually requires a technician to press a button while walking around the vehicle. However, the Trailer Scope allows whoever is carrying out the tests to do so remotely. Another useful function is that you are able to operate the brakes by remote control, even when you are underneath the truck. From a health and safety perspective, this means the tractor unit will not need to stay running inside the workshop where the fumes can become a nuisance and cause a major health hazard.

Suited to the application

The Trailer Scope is available in two forms: the first is on a trolley, for manoeuvrability around the workshop; the second comes with brackets so that it can be mounted in a van for roadside assistance applications. The van-mounted option has a number of benefits to it. As most service vans in today’s industry are loaded to the brim with parts and other equipment, having a piece of equipment that eliminates the need for extra equipment enables technicians to travel with only their essentials. The Trailer Scope is also very light, which will mean a reduction in fuel costs as a technician goes from job to job.

Passing the test

Overall, the Trailer Scope is multifaceted, allowing technicians to carry out a variety of tests and procedures. Here are just a handful of its applications:

  • Tests:

Lighting circuits
Air pressures
CAN lines
Leak down
Brake response

  • Operates ABS/EBS
  • Operates brakes from a wired remote
  • Reads out any fault codes giving the exact problem, and enables the clearing of fault codes once the problem has been fixed

When working on new-build trailers or even simply servicing trailers, there is also the option to install a software device that enables the display of leak down test results and other information, which can be relayed to the customer as proof that the tests have been completed and the trailer has been serviced properly. There is also an additional option that allows the Trailer Scope to be powered from the mains supply rather than auxiliary batteries. This is called the Power Supply, which can be procured at an extra cost.

If you would like to find out more about the Trailer Scope, click here.

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