PVS assists fleet managers

PVS assists fleet managers

PVS’ management information platform allows fleet managers to identify key action areas. The platform displays data via bespoke dashboards to obtain a visual overview of vehicle and driver performance, with any discrepancies to the ‘norm’ clearly identified.

The platform also has the scope to ‘slice and dice’ collected data visually and according to ‘rule sets’ defined by individual customers.

Financials can be analysed according to a range of parameters including spend, for example, by division, geographical area, and employee group, as well as identifying trends over a defined period of time such as by month, quarter or year.

This will enable operators to spot avoidable costs and thus where cash savings can be made. This could include drivers not maximising fuel card benefits by buying petrol or diesel in the cheapest locations, or opting for premium fuels, for example.

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