A Question of Support
A Question of Support

A Question of Support

When running diagnostic work on vehicles, a reliable source of power is essential for avoiding costly damage and disruption during the process. GYS details how its GYSFlash battery support unit for 24V applications can help.

Designed to support the electrical system during diagnostic work, the GYSFlash range of battery support units includes a 24V unit, able to deliver a current of 50A.

GYS offers battery support and charging products that meet the specific needs of commercial vehicles.
The units are designed to sustain the vehicle’s electrical system during diagnostic work, preventing disruption to the diagnostic process and protecting against potentially costly damage to sensitive electronics.

The GYSFlash regulates the voltage at a constant level, whilst instantaneously providing the current required by the vehicle on demand.

The GYSFlash 50:24

■ Battery support: sustains a 24V system at a constant (adjustable) voltage during diagnostic work.

■ Advanced battery charger: ensures an ideal charging cycle for battery maintenance for the modern commercial vehicle

■ In <battery change> mode, the GYSFlash 50:24 will maintain an electrical supply to protect the vehicle
during a battery change.

■ High power stabilised supply: voltage & current adjustable.


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