r2c Online explains its latest add-on

r2c Online explains its latest add-on

Fleet and workshop management platform r2c Online explains its new add-on that aims to help workshops manage their parts stock more efficiently.

The Stock module is available as an add-on to the connected r2c Online platform, and is designed to help workshops manage their parts stock more efficiently. r2c Online Managing Director Nick Walls explains: “Simply put, the Stock module is about smarter stock control and parts allocation.

“Our core workshop product already optimises efficiency during the repair and maintenance process, so the natural progression was to add stock management to this.”

Using the stock management tool, users upload their parts listing to the cloudbased platform, creating a digital inventory. All stock movements are then recorded and updated via the system, and parts can also be allocated directly to jobs. The result is full visibility of a real-time stock inventory, allowing users to make more informed purchasing decisions on current and future parts requirements.

r2c Online explains its latest add-on

Chris Carr, Managing Director at Cars2Trucks, a company which uses the r2c Online platform, comments: “As our business has grown, we’ve recognised the need for an ‘all-in-one’ package for our workshop management.

“We liked the feel and simplicity of the r2c system but knew it could offer much more than what we were using it for. This launch has been the ideal time for us to investigate further, and we’re very impressed by what we’ve seen – so much so we’ve decided to upgrade to the full r2c package, including the new Stock Management module.”

Nick Walls concludes: “Stock removes the need for guesswork or laborious inventory checks. Users have a clear and fully auditable digital record of their parts stock, with automatically adjusted stock records and alerts. We’re really excited to introduce the new module to future customers, as well as the 1,200 workshops already using r2c Online throughout the UK.”

For customers, the main benefit comes from the fact the Stock module is integrated into the wider r2c Online workshop management solution. As technicians can now add parts directly to a job via a single platform, there is no need to interrupt the job or double-key information into a separate system.

r2c Online explains its latest add-on

r2c Online estimates this will save at least 10 minutes per job, dramatically improving workshop efficiency. What’s more, workshop managers will have all the information they need via a single source.

With the addition of Stock and the recently launched Workshop Loading module, r2c Online customers can now utilise digital inspection sheets, an online maintenance planner, digital T-cards and workload management, invoicing, automatic maintenance authorisation, and parts stock management, all via one system.

For more information on the r2c Online platform, click here.

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