Remy Group Europe explores its product portfolio

Remy Group Europe explores its product portfolio

Having transformed itself into a wide range supplier, Remy Group Europe explores its comprehensive product portfolio and how market trends will affect things moving forwards.

Low copper pads

The Remy Gold light commercial vehicle brake pad range is almost entirely copper-free and has been validated and certified beyond the ECE-R90 standard. This makes them both durable and heat resistant. They produce significantly less brake dust and are not so aggressive on the brake discs than normal semi-metallic pads.

The specially developed friction formulation is very well suited for light commercial vehicles and provides superior braking and disc compatibility. Whilst the ECE-R90 requirements ensure a good standard for quality, it is not enough.

A Remy brake pad will only be released into the market once it has passed additional stringent criteria. These criteria simulate real driving conditions on a dynamometer, including a downhill drive where the disc temperature can reach over 750°C. As with all Remy Gold brake pads, fitting accessories are included in the box.

Zinc-aluminium-coated discs

The dimensions and design of Remy Gold brake discs for light commercial vehicles comply with the standards of the vehicle manufacturer. The entire range is coated with a special zinc-aluminium, anticorrosion protection ensuring the vanes remain free of corrosion and the airflow within the disc remains optimal.

High carbon brake discs

A high carbon brake disc offers optimal thermal conductivity for light commercial vehicles. The use of high carbon in the casting process allows the discs to remain cooler due to a more consistent distribution of heat, meaning they combine performance with less distortion without Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) problems such as hot judder and brake squeal.

Remanufactured brake calipers

To ensure the greatest safety and consistent performance, Remy’s brake calipers for light commercial vehicles are remanufactured to the highes specifications. Stringent core acceptance criteria, disassembly, and remanufacturing processes – as well as 100% end of line testing – results in a part that performs exactly or better than the OE manufacturer intended. Remanufactured LCV calipers come from Remy’s own remanufacturing factory.

Market trends

The vehicle fleet is getting older, even in the light commercial vehicle sector, and customers are increasingly demanding reasonably priced and yet high-performance spare parts. For any fleet operator, the total cost of ownership needs to be understood.

It can be easy to purchase parts based on price alone, but in reality, purchasing the cheapest brake caliper, disc, or pad does not necessarily give value for money. Often what seems like a way of cutting costs may result in higher long-term costs.

These costs could be in reduced life expectancy due to increased pad and disc wear and damage resulting in unplanned downtime, ultimately increasing total cost of ownership. Global figures show that the segment of LCVs is increasing year over year. These trends have carved a perfect niche for innovative and technologically advanced brake pad and discs suppliers like Remy.

Consumers want longer lasting parts, but at the same time are more demanding in terms of comfort. In line with this, Remy invests heavily in R&D to find innovative solutions to cater for faster and heavier vehicles. Confidence in the superior product quality is reflected in Remy’s standard three-year (or 36,000 mile) warranty against material or production defects.

To see the full range available from Remy, or for more information on the company, click here.

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