Return to Phoenix

Return to Phoenix

We last visited Phoenix Truck & Trailer Maintenance earlier on this year, after the company had just put the finishing touches to its new workshop and tachograph calibration centre. Since then, Phoenix has pushed on with its renovation and converted the original workshop into a trailer-specific servicing facility.

On arrival, the scale of the refurbishment was immediately apparent. Forecourt space that hadn’t existed in the original shop had appeared as if out of nowhere, the floor both inside and out had been immaculately resurfaced, whilst the open doors allowed us to see into a pristine workshop interior consisting of four bays – one with a brand new Everquip pit and Continental BM14200 Roller Brake Tester.

In terms of equipment management, Phoenix had everything in hand. However, there is of course the question of manning the workshop. Heading up this operation is Austin Tilley, an experienced CV technician and long-term employee of Phoenix.

Phoenix before

Austin explained, “Before the new workshop and calibration centre was refurbished, we did more or less all our work here or on the road. Now, however, the workshop we’re standing in only looks after the business’ trailer division, with the tractor units being relocated to the new development you saw on your last visit.

Phoenix after

“We have a team of five technicians working on the trailers on site. We carry out routine trailer service checks, both on and off site, and attend emergency call-outs; which can include rectifying a jammed second deck on a double-deck trailer, or an EBS system reporting a brake fault. Whatever the nature of the breakdown, we can handle it. In fact, we’re now so busy that we are currently recruiting for two more site-based technicians!”

As Austin alluded to, part of Phoenix’s appeal is that it has a fleet of mobile servicing vans that can be sent out whenever needed. Each van is fully equipped to carry out service and repair without the need to have access to a customer’s power supply or tractor unit.

“When you deal with customers like Royal Mail and DHL, you need to be able to offer a professional service,” continued Austin. “It makes all the difference having mobile servicing units that don’t need external power to operate. They have everything we could possibly need: brake diagnostic equipment, air compressor, onboard power supply, Susie cables, welding tools, etc. We’re pretty spoilt really!”

Throughout the visit, trailers were constantly coming and going; a clear indication that customers are pleased to see the developments that are taking place. With a new training centre built and ready to roll out courses, there is more to come from Phoenix Truck & Trailer Maintenance.

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