Rotronics explores battery management

Rotronics explores battery management

Costs are rising and – currently – there seems no end to that. However, we can control unnecessary spend in the workshop. Rotronics talks to CVW about getting the most out of your battery management programme.

First things first, we need to make sure that you are getting the best performance and value from what you already have; in most cases, battery testers and chargers simply need a bit of TLC to get into peak condition. If you are grappling with dirty clamps and tatty cables, your technology will be far from operational.

Rotronics is the UK’s CTEK and Midtronics partner and is the industry leader in battery maintenance and service solutions. Its service and repair specialists care for all Midtronics and Professional CTEK technology, which includes the CXPRO 50/2 and the EXP1000 FHD.

Ken Clark, Managing Director of Rotronics, says: “I would challenge CVW readers to have a good look around their workshop once they have read this article and see what unused essential equipment is lying around getting dusty. Our team of experts can bring it all back to life, providing a full repair, with warranty, if it lies within the warranty period.”

So, the challenge is on, take a few minutes and find that equipment that needs to be repaired. Do not throw it out. If you think that your readings are no longer reliable, it could be a good time for a service. Some testers and chargers need to be serviced annually, to ensure that you are still able to care for and manage AGM, EFB, and Lithium batteries.

Ken Clark advises: “To always get correct readings, your technology needs a regular service and calibration. This also helps verify warranty claims and audit conformance. Check the cables for any obvious wear and tear. Are the clamps clean? All the components may need to be broken down and for a full repair; obviously you don’t want to be without your kit for long periods of time, so our 24-hour turnaround suits customers very well.”

“It’s important to have the most up-to-date software on your workshop testers, to be able to care for your customer batteries, start/stop applications and EFBs and support all battery technologies for vehicles arriving at your workshop.”

Even with the advent of electrification, the 12V battery still needs to be maintained in the same way. Electrification has not made any battery management processes disappear. Without the correct equipment or equipment that is in poor condition, you will end up with misdiagnosis, lost revenue streams, and dissatisfied customers. 53% of vehicles (an increase of 3% on the same period last year) entering a workshop will have a battery that requires charging, and you will need a plan to ensure that every vehicle leaves the workshop in optimal condition.

Rotronics battery management

That plan will involve an excellent battery management programme and CVW asked Ken Clark to outline for us what that should look like. Rotronics has a great check list of simple actions that will make the world of difference to workshop efficiencies and budgets:

  • One charger per bay. All Rotronics customers who do this achieve the best battery performance improvements
  • Test and charge every vehicle that arrives at your workshop for routine servicing
  • Charge all your battery stock as batteries on the shelves will discharge over time. Check the voltage every month

“Workshop managers need to have eyes and ears open 24/7/365 when looking after a busy fleet. The Rotronics ROBIS data portal will certainly give advanced warning of any issues or charging required and help closely manage your processes and budgets,” explains Ken Clark.

What will ROBIS do for your business?

A bit like an on-call technician who never sleeps, ROBIS provides full visibility regarding what condition your fleet batteries are actually in, what remedial action is required, and shows clearly how your technicians are caring for your batteries.

ROBIS really provides under-the-microscope data regarding battery performance, and this will help you reduce lost miles and any delivery penalties for late deliveries. You can also get impartial warranty proof and evidence for claims.

To help bring your workshop equipment back to life, click here or for calibration assistance, click here.

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